role player

role player
1. a theatrical performer
Syn: ↑actor, ↑histrion, ↑player, ↑thespian
Derivationally related forms: ↑thespian (for: ↑thespian), ↑play (for: ↑player), ↑act (for: ↑actor)
Hypernyms: ↑performer, ↑performing artist
Instance Hyponyms:
Allen, ↑Woody Allen, ↑Allen Stewart Konigsberg, ↑Astaire, ↑Fred Astaire, ↑Barrymore, ↑Maurice Barrymore, ↑Herbert Blythe, ↑Lionel Barrymore, ↑John Barrymore, ↑Bogart, ↑Humphrey Bogart, ↑Humphrey DeForest Bogart, ↑Booth, ↑John Wilkes Booth, ↑Burbage, ↑Richard Burbage, ↑Burton, ↑Richard Burton, ↑Cagney, ↑Jimmy Cagney, ↑James Cagney, ↑Chevalier, ↑Maurice Chevalier, ↑Cooper, ↑Gary Cooper, ↑Frank Cooper, ↑Coward, ↑Noel Coward, ↑Sir Noel Pierce Coward, ↑Cronyn, ↑Hume Cronyn, ↑Hume Blake Cronyn, ↑Crosby, ↑Bing Crosby, ↑Harry Lillis Crosby, ↑Dean, ↑James Dean, ↑James Byron Dean, ↑De Niro, ↑Robert De Niro, ↑Depardieu, ↑Gerard Depardieu, ↑Drew, ↑John Drew, ↑Fairbanks, ↑Douglas Fairbanks, ↑Douglas Elton Fairbanks, ↑Julius Ullman, ↑Douglas Fairbanks Jr., ↑Fonda, ↑Henry Fonda, ↑Gable, ↑Clark Gable, ↑William Clark Gable, ↑Garrick, ↑David Garrick, ↑Gibson, ↑Mel Gibson, ↑Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson, ↑Gielgud, ↑Sir John Gielgud, ↑Arthur John Gielgud, ↑Grant, ↑Cary Grant, ↑Granville-Barker, ↑Harley Granville-Barker, ↑Guinness, ↑Alec Guinness, ↑Sir Alec Guinness, ↑Hanks, ↑Tom Hanks, ↑Thomas J. Hanks, ↑Harrison, ↑Rex Harrison, ↑Sir Rex Harrison, ↑Reginald Carey Harrison, ↑Heming, ↑Hemminge, ↑John Heming, ↑John Hemminge, ↑Hoffman, ↑Dustin Hoffman, ↑Hopkins, ↑Anthony Hopkins, ↑Sir Anthony Hopkins, ↑Sir Anthony Philip Hopkins, ↑Howard, ↑Leslie Howard, ↑Leslie Howard Stainer, ↑Jolson, ↑Al Jolson, ↑Asa Yoelson, ↑Karloff, ↑Boris Karloff, ↑William Henry Pratt, ↑Kean, ↑Edmund Kean, ↑Keaton, ↑Buster Keaton, ↑Joseph Francis Keaton, ↑Kelly, ↑Gene Kelly, ↑Eugene Curran Kelly, ↑Laughton, ↑Charles Laughton, ↑Lee, ↑Bruce Lee, ↑Lee Yuen Kam, ↑Lemmon, ↑Jack Lemmon, ↑John Uhler, ↑Lloyd, ↑Harold Lloyd, ↑Harold Clayton Lloyd, ↑Lorre, ↑Peter Lorre, ↑Laszlo Lowestein, ↑Lugosi, ↑Bela Lugosi, ↑Bela Ferenc Blasko, ↑Lunt, ↑Alfred Lunt, ↑Marshall, ↑E. G. Marshall, ↑Martin, ↑Steve Martin, ↑Mason, ↑James Mason, ↑James Neville Mason, ↑Mitchum, ↑Robert Mitchum, ↑Moore, ↑Dudley Moore, ↑Dudley Stuart John Moore, ↑Newman, ↑Paul Newman, ↑Paul Leonard Newman, ↑Olivier, ↑Laurence Olivier, ↑Sir Laurence Kerr Olivier, ↑Baron Olivier of Birghton, ↑O'Toole, ↑Peter O'Toole, ↑Peter Seamus O'Toole, ↑Poitier, ↑Sidney Poitier, ↑Redford, ↑Robert Redford, ↑Charles Robert Redford, ↑Richardson, ↑Ralph Richardson, ↑Sir Ralph David Richardson, ↑Robinson, ↑Edward G. Robinson, ↑Edward Goldenberg Robinson, ↑Scott, ↑George C. Scott, ↑Sellers, ↑Peter Sellers, ↑Sinatra, ↑Frank Sinatra, ↑Francis Albert Sinatra, ↑Skinner, ↑Otis Skinner, ↑Stanislavsky, ↑Konstantin Stanislavsky, ↑Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky, ↑Konstantin Sergeevich Alekseev, ↑Stewart, ↑Jimmy Stewart, ↑James Maitland Stewart, ↑Strasberg, ↑Lee Strasberg, ↑Israel Strassberg, ↑Stroheim, ↑Erich von Stroheim, ↑Tracy, ↑Spencer Tracy, ↑Tree, ↑Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree, ↑Ustinov, ↑Sir Peter Ustinov, ↑Peter Alexander Ustinov, ↑Wayne, ↑John Wayne, ↑Duke Wayne, ↑Welles, ↑Orson Welles, ↑George Orson Welles
2. a person who makes deceitful pretenses
imposter, ↑impostor, ↑pretender, ↑fake, ↑faker, ↑fraud, ↑sham, ↑shammer, ↑pseudo, ↑pseud
Derivationally related forms: ↑sham (for: ↑shammer), ↑sham (for: ↑sham), ↑fake (for: ↑faker), ↑fake (for: ↑fake), ↑pretend (for: ↑pretender)
Hypernyms: ↑deceiver, ↑cheat, ↑cheater, ↑trickster, ↑beguiler, ↑slicker
Hyponyms: ↑name dropper, ↑ringer

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